Oil and grease pumps
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Hand operated grease pump
pompa, pump
 article  capacity
 1106A  Kg  8
 1106B  Kg 12
 1106C  Kg 16

 1110A  flexible hos mt 1.5 M 16x2 F 10x1
 1128  hydraulic coupler 4 jaws
 4636  rigid spout
          On  request:
 1113  tap for grease

Hand operated oil pump, with mt 1.5 pipe and hook
pompa a olio, oil pump


 1106D  Kg 8
 1106E  Kg 12
 1106F  Kg 16
Brass tap for hand grease pumps
rubinetto ottone, brass tap
 article  thread
 1113  F 10x1 - M 10x1
Rigid spout
attacco rigido, rigid spout
 article  length    Ø     thread
 4636  cm 16  10  M 10x1